May 5, 2010

the process

Remember the other day when I 
was having a hard time writing
for work?
I thought I could solve my writer's block
by eating some delicious apples. 
but that didn't work. 
then I thought maybe it would help if 
I had some M&Ms. 
but that didn't help. 
then I thought perhaps sorting the M&Ms
would pull me out of my writing funk...
but it didn't.
then I thought maybe some 
great music would help.
but it didn't.
i did, however, discover that Nina 
likes a lot of the same artists I do. 
 then I thought,
'it's kind of weird that pandora is so smart.'
then i decided that writing on command and writing about topics i'm not really interested in is not for me. 
writing about random things like axolotls,
former secretaries and martinis is for me. 

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Summer said...

if that is not the truth I don't know what is! It's exactly like how I don't have energy to wash dishes or fold the laundry, but if the kids ask me to stitch up some costumes for their new show i'm boundless energy.

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