May 28, 2010

heidi and spencer

After a frozen yogurt date, roomie and I decided it was time to add to our family.
So we went to Petco for some goldfish.
We bought a HUGE glass vase
and a Buddha head and told the person helping us we thought it would 
be really cool to have tons of goldfish swimming around. 
Like, 10-15? 

She, not so tactfully, informed us that we knew nothing about fish
and that we could only buy two.

That's right, two. 


The ten cent kind. 

After glancing at each other and enduring her judgmental glares 
we decided on TWO goldfish for our ginormous glass vase.

She also talked us into a thing that makes bubbles in the water.

When I tried to get out of purchasing the bubbler I seriously thought
she was going to call PETA or get the authorities involved in some way.

{side note: never pay more for the pet accessories than for the actual pet.
it's a good rule to live by}  

After we purchased the fish 
we made a trip next door to Target. 

With the goldfish safely strapped in the cart we purchased 
our household essentials
{plus 7 things from the dollar bin that I'll never use}.

I found these cute skinny vases and told roomie that we should 
go back to Petco, pretend to return the huge vase we bought 
for them and show the militant employee our new home for the 
fish. Just to see what she would do. 
but thankfully, roomie talked me out of it. 
Otherwise, I might be in goldfish-abuser jail right now.

 We headed home and decided to name the fish 
Heidi and Spencer. 

Spencer is on the left.

The name seemed appropriate. 
They're slimy, scaly and cold blooded. 
Just like the real Heidi and Spencer! 
It was perfect. 

We made sure they had games to play

Things to read

A candle for some ambient lighting

A globe so that they could reminisce about the days when they swam the 
open seas (ok, I know they never swam the open seas)

An inspirational quote to remind them to love each other

And a bird watching over them to keep them in line

They were so happy.

Until they died four days later. 

Oh well. 

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jess said...

i love you.

Annie said...

i'm sorry for the loss of your pet fish! :(
i love their names!!
you are too funny!

Anonymous said...

how sad tay.. at least your tank is still rad ass. you should get a single ghost shrimp they are a quater and naturallylive to be eaten so you'll save it life plus they are small and cute.. get one we will be twins!!

JuliAnna said...

What a wonderful quote on love;) So clever to put such a simple quote in a beautiful frame like that, wherever did you find such a trinket? JUST KIDDING. Love that I kind of made an appearance on the blog;)

Summer said...

I can't believe i missed this post!I am sorry for your fish troubles, fish are not hearty pets. We have had fish several times, I have explained to the Mr. that should he arrive home toting a fish tank again it had better be filled with margaritas. One year the fish kept having babies, which got stuck in the filter, unless you managed to find the eye lashed sized little buggers and put them in a special nursery.I was not very good at this, although watching fish birth was interestesting. We also had some fish that did not get along and were eating the fry and each other, Yikes!!

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