May 28, 2010

Friday Fun

This is awesome. 

Thanks for sharing, Jessica Ashley.

{I miss you. A lot.}


Anonymous said...

yay! skuttle.! Ahoy matey, whoa your a fast swimmer.

Sandy B. said...

this is very awesome. and funny. that big city girl thinks of everything. xoxoxo

Shanley said...

Okay, so this has nothing to do with this post - but you like Brett Dennen?!? Love him! Went to see a show of his when I was living in DC - tiny little venue, great beer, and he rocked the house. I loved how he danced barefoot, after kicking off his rainbows, as only a true So cal boy would. Come back to long beach, let's hang out!

Twila said...

Oh I like!!


jess said...

i miss you, too!


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