May 25, 2010


{la piscina del juez. 
esto es donde quiero nadar.}

Hi friends.

How are you?

I am fine.

What did you do this past weekend?

I worked a little on Saturday, then spent some time in the pool, searched for some baby shower invitations (if you have ANY suggestions for where I can find some cute ones, please let me know. Think polka dots.), had dinner and a movie with Julie (we watched Nine. The movie itself wasn't outstanding but it was SO worth watching for the fantastic cinematography and super cool fergie-ferg dance scene), tutored, had family dinner, and watched the Lost season finale.


I spent my bonus weekend day (I have every Monday off and it is my bonus weekend day) having coffee with a Poondingo, lunching with Nina and doing laundry. I also bought knitting needles and yarn. I figure that because of my abnormal love of crosswords, the fact that I never go out anymore and that my favorite show is Jeopardy, knitting is the next logical step toward my elderly life???

It was a good weekend.

I am feeling very good about this week and the coming weekend as well.

I am feeling good and well in general.


I am having a super fun summer survival kit giveaway tomorrow!

Are you excited?!?!

I am.

I feel this is an important milestone for a blog.

Kind of like your baby's first steps?

But not really.


Corie said...

Cute invites you say?! Check out etsy. All kinds of goodies there....and it makes party planning super fun too!

Anonymous said...

INvite.. I could laysome out for you what are you lookingfor it to say?

Summer said...

I'll bet Winter would do a great job, and you can put the adorable card she designs into this little contraption, which I totally think are so so so cute. So cute that when I saw them on Ambers blog, I almost thought maybe I would have another baby. (but then I wisened up!!) I'm so excited about your knitting habit. what are you working on?

Phoenix said...

Cute invites about at Target, too, if you haven't found what you're looking for elsewhere yet.

And I love the new blog look (although I might be a bit late in saying so.) Who DOESN'T like tacos? ;)

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