May 1, 2010

Happy May Day

Happy May 1! 
I can't believe how quickly
this month has passed. 
April was a good month
and I look forward to the next. 

I have always wanted to dance 
around a May Pole and never have. 
Have you? 
Did you know that May Day started as a celebration 
of the Roman Goddess of Flowers, Flora

Today is also an important day for 
political demonstrations and celebrations
organised by the unions, anarchists, 
and socialist groups. 

I think I will spend some time in the sun 
reading some essays from my 
favorite anarchist, Emma Goldman

Yes, I have a favorite anarchist. 
You should read about her. 
She is a bad ass. 
I like her in spite of the fact
that she and her lover
tried to assassinate someone.

Not very nice, EMMA.

I am done rambling about flowers and
and anarchy now. 
I hope you have a lovely weekend. 
Don't forget to wear sunscreen.

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