May 28, 2010


I can't sleep.


I think this makes it official that I am the worst sleeper ever.

I'm going to California again this weekend and I really should be sleeping because I'm not leaving until after work, and there will probably be lots 'o Memorial Day traffic and I will be exhausted when I arrive on Brentwell Circle because I'll have been up for 20 hours.


Anyway, when I can't sleep I just stare at my sparkle fleur de lis and think angry thoughts about not sleeping.

I feel like I might be developing bad feelings toward my lovely closet door accent which is sad because I love the shape in general, and the fact that it is all glittery just makes it schloads better.

Do we think I should move the fleur de lis somewhere else, blog friends?

But then my closet door would be so boring, no?

Perhaps I should replace it with something that I dislike (say, a photo of Bill O'Reilly?) so that when I channel my 'I'm angry I'm not asleep' feelings it will already be going toward something I loathe? But do I really want Bill O'Reilly to be the first thing I see when I wake up? I think that could turn me into a very angry person. So I guess I will stick with the glitter fleur de lis.

Good thing we figured that one out.

Good talk, guys.

I hope you're all sleeping well.

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