May 24, 2010

Music Monday Round 2

It is really bothering me 
that the song I posted is from 
Quite possibly the worst book I have ever
wasted my time on. 
And don't even get me started on the movies. 
Yes, I've had to watch them because 
I will do almost anything for
This includes watching really bad tween movies.

I don't want to delete the post, because it's a
good song. So I've decided to do 
an additional MM post 
so that you don't leave my blog 
thinking of teenaged vampire-y angst. 

So, I'm giving you a round two so that
 I can start speaking to myself again
{It's been a long, quiet 36 minutes}.

I'm pretty sure this one is not from the Twilight soundtrack. 
If it is, please let me know 
so that I can stop speaking to myself again. 

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Phoenix said...

LOL! Hey, don't feel bad...sometimes the crappiest movies have good soundtracks. It's not the band's fault...

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