Dec 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
I went to my grandparents' house in Oakhurst for our annual Thanksgiving Feast/WineFest. It was so much fun, as usual, and was one of the biggest groups we've had.
Kathryn, Mom, Beanie (actual name Caitie) and Friend o' Beanie (actual name Sam but that got confusing because my cousins call my mom Aunt Sam) making the gravy. Every year Beanie pretends to make the gravy but just sits there and dips turkey pieces and rolls into it and eats it all. I'm on to you.

Shredding the giblets for yum gravy.........

The good turkey

The bad turkey. We made two this year because we had a lot of people. This one went across the street to the neighbors' oven and we sort of forgot about it??? We named him Bernie. Get it? Because he is burnt? We are hilarious, I know.

My lovely place setting. Our family has A LOT of holiday traditions, including holiday crackers. I highly recommend them for any holiday gathering! Very fun.

The crew wearing their cracker crowns.

Boyfriend O' Wally (real name Ryan) got a clown nose in his cracker.
We all agreed that it was the best cracker prize this year.
Wally (real name Sara) stole the nose.

Then she turned into an elephant?
This is the peppermint pig, another family tradition. You are supposed to do the peppermint pig at Christmas or NYE but because we won't be together for those holidays, we whacked at Thanksgiving.

Our third family tradition is a Jack Horner Pie for Thanksgiving. I didn't take any photos of the pie this year, but it is fun to do at a non-gift giving holiday like Thanksgiving.

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