Dec 8, 2008

Holiday Fun from the Whole Family

I hope you enjoy the fun Christmas photos!

**Disclaimer: If I sound really conceited about how cute my brother, cousins and I are it's because I AM. We were the cutest kids EVER. I feel bad for our future children because they might feel inferior to our childhood cuteness level. Our parents did a really good job on the self esteem thing.

First, we have Bee and Grandpa Dan showing off their lovely Christmas sleepwear. Circa 1965.
Aunt Cindy, Mom and Grandpa Dan checking out their Christmas loot.

Aunt Cindy, Bee and Mom. Love this one!

Bee, Grandpa Dan, Uncle Danny, Aunt Patsy, Cindy and Sandy after present opening. Circa 1963.

Nana, Aunt Cindy, Bow, Sandy

Christmas 1982! I'm loving the mom/daughter matching Lanz nightgowns.

......and more matching nightgowns......

I look a little irritated that my story time is being interrupted for a photo.

I'm not even sure if this is a Christmas picture, but wanted to post it because I'm so irresistibly cute. I can hardly stand it. I don't know how my parents made it to work. I would have just quit my job to play with baby Taylor all day.

Having a Christmas Chat with Ga-Ga. Thanks for the bangs, mom.

Kelsey, Taylor, Spencer and Cait

Uncle Jack, Cait, Aunt Cindy, Kelsey, Dad, Taylor, Mom, Spencer in Forest Home.
Sara, Taylor, Cait, Bee, Kelsey, Spencer

Spencer and Taylor

Taylor and Spencer at our house on Ximeno Ave. Cutest kids in Long Beach.

With the cousins at Bee's house!

Christmas morning at Bee's. This is the torturous 'take a picture in front of the unopened presents photo.' I think I'm wearing my Felicity (American Girl Doll) nightgown. I also think we might be the palest kids ever?
I think this was our 'open one present on Christmas Eve' gift.' Notice the matching (dad in background, Spencer and Taylor) Reyn Spooner outfits!


Kathy said...

I totally love all of the matching clothes...hysterical!!

Julie Kiefer said...

The teddy bear picture of you and Spence has always been my fav!!

And, I am always a fan of matching outfits!

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