Jan 30, 2009

6 Things

The Connelly's posted a fun random facts blog and told everyone to do the same...so I am! Keep it going....tell me your 6 random facts.......

#1 My bed is my most favorite place. It is so comfy and I sleep with a ridiculous amount of pillows and blankets. When I'm having a bad day all I need is my bed to make it better (and maybe some wine)

#2 Chicken Divan is my all time favorite meal. I could eat it every day.

#3I am LOVE jeopardy and crossword puzzles. I DVR the show every day and save my crossword so that I can do them at the same time. I scream out the answers. It's kind of embarrassing.

#4 I love organizing. I don't have to have everything organized all the time but projects like this (my lovely laundry closet) make me SO happy!

#5 I heart wine. Duh.

#6 I loath tape. It gives me the heebie jeebies when I have to touch it and do anything I can to avoid it! Yuck!

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Corie said...

I too LOVE having things organized!:) Thanks for doing the fun post!

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