Sep 7, 2009

A Fairytale

I am sad tonight.
I'll explain more later,
but it is difficult for me to live in this city.
Sometimes I feel very alone.
Especially after having a weekend
full of baby love with my Flagstaff family.
I cried when I got home.
In the shower.
The shower is the best place to cry, I think.
I was contemplating this in the shower as I was crying tonight. Crying in bed can be comforting,
but then the sad in your tears
stays in your pillows.
And no one wants a sad bed, right?
I've decided that when you cry in the shower,
your tears travel down the drain away from you.
And, as we know,
(thanks Nemo)
all drains lead to the ocean.
Once the tears hit the salty sea water
they turn into black pearls
and are worn by
who swim your sad far, far away.

And everyone lives happily ever after.

Good bye, good bye.


Corie said...

I'm sorry you are sad! I am sad that you are sad.......I want all my friends chipper and happy all the days! I am sending lots of hugs your way...H
ope you are better after having a cry, sometimes a little cry makes you feel better. If not...try and escape to Flagstaff to see them all again real soon!:)

Sara said...

I cry in the shower as well.

I hope you are feeling better, please don't be sad!

Annie said...

i hope you are doing better today hun :(
love how you turned the post into a story, thanks nemo and mermaids ;)

Julie Kiefer said...

don't worry...coo coo coo happy!

And I totally cry in the shower too...but your philosphy makes it seem a lot more sensicle!!

Clarissa Jane said...

I, too, have found the shower is the best place to cry. I find it hides the fact that I was crying --- I blame the splotchy on the heat. Bah.
Don't be sad TayTay. I miss you and our babies.

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