Sep 24, 2009


Dear Sambo (my mom) and Bee (my grandma),

I'm so excited that you are coming to visit this weekend!

I know you are both bad with directions, so I made you a map.


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Alicia said...

hahaa!! i love the snoop dog part!!!

BPremo said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comment on my blog today.

i love your profile pic, by the way.

Amber Williams said...

Ummmm you are quite possibly the cutest ever!

Sandy B. said...

Dear Taylor,
I (sambo, your mom) had a wonderful time visiting you. and even though we did not get lost, we thought about getting lost several times. both to and fro. I love you and feel like I was in a "magic love booth" or spent the whole weekend at a "love spa' drinking "love juice" that is what happens when i spend time with my best girl (you). i'm glad that we have our love. xoxo me

Summer said...

Taylor, Your blog is amazing, it is so creative and fun! I am always jealous of people who can sum it all up in only a few words. We have four kids now, the youngest is about to turn one TOMORROW! I can't even believe it. You can read about our adventures on our blog, which is not as cute as yours, but is a little distraction from laundry and steam mopping.

mylittlebecky said...

aw, that's so sweet! i love the wine and snacks part :)

Phoenix said...

LOL! Best map ever... second only to the one in Europe that just has "Here Be Dragons" written all over it.

I am geographically challenged, to say the least...maybe I should print out your map and keep it in my car.

And thanks for your very cool comment on my post - used books are awesome because they have so much history. I'd take that over a Kindle any day of the week :)

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