Sep 4, 2009

Off to the Mountains....

I'm heading to Flagstaff again this weekend and realized that I didn't even post any photos from the LAST time I went to Flagstaff!
Silly me.
Here are some highlights of my bebes.

tommy and taylor
tommy contemplating his next mussle bite.
snuggle time
either kate or olivia. i can't tell the difference between these two in photos.
big sister anna
sleepy girls
so snuggly

going for a walk in the THREE seater stroller!
It's hillllllllarious.
baby spiral
my sNICKerdoodle
sometimes you just have to rock-it-out
we heart lady gaga
maggie swinging...
shiny girls!
big sister sam
lots more to after this weekend!
the fair is in town too.


Annie said...

so many kiddos!!! whose are they? do you nanny sometimes?
the babies are adorable!
i'm watching triplets right now ;)
how much fun i would be having if they were babies!! i love babies!

Alicia said...

ohhh my sweet goodness! my uterus is screaming!! look at all those beeyootiful babies! you look like you had a blast! hope you're having fun! miss you!

Clarissa Jane said...

ummm... why are they all so big??!?! isn't time supposed to stop!?!? wah. please give them all some kisses and hugs from me. how i miss them!!
(but i miss you and outback nights A WHOLE LOT MORE!!!)

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