Oct 8, 2009

Music Monday- On Thursday Night

I was driving to work this morning when the radio DJ shared that Prince wrote Sinead's Nothing Compares AND The Bangles' Manic Monday?!?! I had no idea he was so talented.

Then I realized I didn't post ANYTHING for Music Monday!

THEN I started thinking about my favorite Prince songs.

This is definitely in the top three.

I loved this video when I was 10. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV, but my babysitter, Kelly Goldsmith, used to let me when she came over on Wednesdays so that my mom could attend her Children's Home Society meetings.

She also let me watch 90210. SCORE!

Sometimes I wonder how we go from kissing the random ballerina in lingerie to singing with school children. Then I say to myself, 'Tay, this is Prince. Trying to understand his videos is like trying to understand astro physics. It is not going to happen.'


D to the I to the A to the eMmmm. O to the N to the D to the Pearls to Love.

I love this line of thinking.

p.s. watch for Prince's sweet bounce-off-the-couch-into-the-splits move around 2:53.
p.p.s I've not blasted Diamonds and Pearls at least 7 times.
My neighbors love me.

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