Oct 10, 2009

Saturday Someone

I'm ripping off Nie Nie's old 'Friday Faces'
idea so that you can get to know
 some of the people in my world.
My posts will be called 'Saturday Someone.'

My first Saturday Someone will be.....


This is Caitlan, my little sister.

Caitlan facts:
1) she is an esthetician/make up artist.
2) she loves pinkberry.
3) she is the only person on earth who I allow to snuggle me.
(I am not a snuggler. In fact, I'm trying to popularize what I like to call the 'solo snuggle.' This involves sitting/lying next to someone with SEPERATE blankets without touching. Super fun. Also known as reason #437 why I'm single.)
4) she has the nicest dog EVER (fee-fee).
5) Cait and Fee have matching hair.

6) she had a REALLY fun time on her 21st birthday
(this photo was taken on the London double decker party bus. Word to the wise, if you want your sister to remember her birthday party do not a) make 6 trays of jello shots b) allow her to do shots with all of the party guests as they gather at the house c) allow her to march up and down the aisle of the bus drinking straight from a vodka bottle chanting "I WAS BORN IN THE 80's!!!!" d) fill a pinata with mini bottles of booze.
just saying.)

7) she is a really good cupcake eater (bottom row).

8) she does really pretty make up
(this is cait and me. she was getting me ready for Alana's wedding.)

9) she has an enviable glam life
and is living her dream doing make up
for super cool famous people (and me).

10) sometimes I get jealous/missing her and want to pack ALL of my stuff and move home to Southern California so that we can play every day. That was more of a Taylor fact than a Caitlan fact.


Corie said...

Sisters are the best!!! Your sister sounds pretty awesome, but then again anyone related to you should be, huh?!:) I hope to give Cam a sister someday!

Ashley said...

I love my sister too!!!! Your sister seems awesome...thanks for sharing all about her!

Alicia said...

awwww look how cute she is! and i love you two together!!!

Annie said...

what a cute post!
your sis is beautiful!

hope you had a fabulous weekend girly!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness I she's all grown up! IRemember when she was little and we were in high school! AHHH! She's 21 and I feel way old!

Anonymous said...

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