Oct 28, 2009


Dear HOA,
Please notify your residents the next time
you add millions of little rocks to the landscaping.
This will give them the chance to close their
windows and patio doors
so that they don't come
home to mounds of dust on their hardwood floors.

Taylor K.

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jasmine said...


Corie said...

That is just plain MEAN. Nobody. likes to clean...~!!!!!!

Red Boots said...

How rude. I would not be happy about that.

Unknown said...

Oh horrible! I hated our old HOA in AZ, they've since switched and we love the new peeps. BUT we actually filed multiple complaints with the BBB against them - I would do the same if I came home to what you posted!!! SO rude! hmmph!

Kathy said...

That sucks!! >:{

Anonymous said...

What a mess. I hate when people do things like this... like when the gardener comes to take care of the grass without saying anything and breaks almost everything we have decorating the lawn. Ugh! Hope you got it all cleaned up.

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