Jan 5, 2010

Nicole Believes

Today's list is from my new favorite blogger. 
Her name is Nicole, she is from South Africa but 
lived in London for a long time. 
So glam, right? 
She is back in SA and has SUCH a cute blog that it is difficult to believe 
that she just started it.
Be sure to head over to show her some blog love. 

  • I believe that the universe will never throw something at us that we can’t deal with / pull through the other side. We are all stronger than we know
  • I believe that writing 5 things in my gratitude journal every night makes me wake up a nicer person in the morning
  • I also believe that without a massive cup of super strong coffee first thing, no amount of night-time gratitude musings will help my personality J
  • I believe everyone deserves a second chance at everything
  • I believe that a hug is the best way to resolve any argument
  • I believe that one day I will resolve all my issues surrounding marriage & say yes (finally) to a proposal ..
  • I believe that freshly cut grass is the best smell in the world
  • I believe that Everything Bagels (in NYC) are probably the best thing I have ever had in my mouth
  • I believe that its not that the city is especially romantic (ie Paris) but its down to the person you choose to go with.
  • I believe that everything feels better after a good nights sleep
  • I believe that you should surround yourself with people who make you feel amazing & ditch the ones who drag you down
  • I believe that life should be fun, all the time. And if it’s not you should change it.
  • I believe that having dogs is a sure fire way to include some unconditional love in your life. 


nicole said...


you're too sweet :)

thanks for letting me play *mwah*

Phoenix said...

A gratitude journal! Okay, I SO need to do that. What a fantastic idea, Nicole! I'm totally borrowing it from you :)

Tay, I love your new blog heading - all the pictures of you are fantastic :)

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