Jan 7, 2010

Steph Believes!

Today's post is from my looooong time work bff, Stephanie. 
Stephanie and I met in college where we were both in the same sorority, 
Delta Delta Delta.
{let the SNL jokes begin}
We nannied for the same family throughout college
and when I heard that she was moving from Colorado to Arizona I 
knew she would be a great fit in the new company I worked for.
We also have super strange family real estate in common. 
My mom's house and her grandparent's house are BLOCKS from each other
on a little island in Long Beach 
and my grandmother lives in the same small town 
near Yosemite where her family has a ranch.
Weird, right?
The last photo is of Stephanie and I on vacation with
the family we nannied for in college. 
It's one of my favorite photos from one of my 
{don't worry, the kids were with their parents}

I believe in…

I believe it the beach, but not the sandy part because that part is annoying.

 I believe in windows down and AC up.

I believe in dogs, and that they all go to Heaven.

I believe in family, family and more family.

I believe in drunken games… such as 3 legged races. (Drunken family games are even better)

I believe that there are no mistakes and bad decisions are all part of the learning process of life.

I believe in order to learn you have to live and in order to live you have to get hurt.

I believe in Schooners of Coors Light.

I believe that morals are the most important thing you can share with others.

I believe in a good time.

I believe in keeping the great outdoors great.

I believe in optimism and no bad days.

I believe in hot pool days in the summer and cold snowy days in the winter.

I believe in live music…

I believe in pitchers of beer and outdoor patios.

I believe that best friends are here for life.

I believe in Disneyland and all it’s magic.

I believe in red wine and white wine, but I do not believe in pink wine and you will never convince me otherwise.

I believe that the answers are out there somewhere, you just have to keep looking.

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Live.Love.Eat said...

LOL. I love "I believe in pitchers of beer and patios." AMEN sister.

And my name is Steph too like your friend :)

You visited so long ago but life has kept me from reciprocating. Sorry!

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