Jan 3, 2010

Wishing you....

.......a happy Sunday! 

I just had delicious brunch at Postino with my friend Tony, the lightrail blogger. 
{If you scroll to November 6th on Tony's blog you'll find a post with me in it!}

Then, we headed to the Biltmore fashion park for a lovely hour of browsing the shops. 
 We people watched for hot dads and cute babies while eating delicious MoJo.

Have you smelled the new rose potpourri at 
Pottery Barn? 
It's to die for. 
I couldn't leave without a bag. 

p.s. I have a sassy new haircut

**photo was stolen from the Postino facebook page 


east side bride said...

bwaha. my stepmom used to say that she only let my dad hit on her because he had baby ME with him. hotdad for sure.

Catherine Anne said...

I love the header!!! Cute Cute!

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