Aug 4, 2010

birthday wish list


My birthday is in three days so I thought you might like to see my birthday wish list. 

Ya know, just in case you decide to send me a little something. 

1) 17 baby panda bears. 

Now that roomie is moving out, I should have plenty of room for them in my condo. 

2) A 'Werewolf Bar Mitzvah' album signed by Tracy Jordan. 

3) The Mac Book Pro I built on line yesterday. 
Come on guys, it's only five thousand-ish. 
You can afford it and I am worth it. 
{this is a phrase I say to my father often. It rarely works. :(}

4) A one month vacation on this private island in The Maldives.
You get to use a yacht and a plane while you're there,
so I think it's a pretty good deal. 
5) A pink pony. 

Thanks in advance for your generosity. 

Love ya, mean it. 



Anonymous said...

pink pony!!!!!!

SM said...

I am so pleased you have asked me to come with you to that beautiful island! Happy Birthday.

Summer said...

Ohh Send me your address! I have several of those things just lying around here.

Anonymous said...

islands in Belize look like the Maldives and its much cheaper try that

Sobrina Tung said...

OMG, I would also like a baby panda and a trip to the Maldives island!! Happy early birthday! Hope you do something fun:)

Stephanie G. said...

How much do imagine it costs to send 18 Pandas across the Atlantic?

Yup, that's right 18 - I'm going to find an extra so you get an EVEN number because that's how I roll. It'll be like a birthday SURPRISE! (which I just gave away, damn it.)

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