Aug 31, 2010

pugs not drugs


I pug sat this weekend. We had a lovely time watching Flipping Out, Rachael Zoe and the Real Housewives.

Good LORD I miss cable!

q: How funny is this shirt? 
a: SOfunnyROFLMAOfunny

I can't give a photo credit because I stole it from my friend's facebook page. 

Winston {the pug} has a facebook page. He's so technologically savvy.


I had a super productive day yesterday. I became CPR certified {are you choking? I can help.}, had an appointment with my tutoring client's English teacher {I think English teachers are the best teachers}, and I cleaned my refrigerator. Not just cleaned it out, but CLEANED it. With vinegar. Someone call the Green Police, we have a new citizen of the week. After my cleaning frenzy I went grocery shopping and read a good chunk of this book.


Attention boozehounds {myself included}; did you see this wonderful news yesterday?


Kara said...

HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, STAYIN ALIVE. Isn't it charming that that song is 100 beats per minute? Charming.

And hooray for moderate-heavy drinkers! We're the best!

nicole said...

um. My dog PJ has his own Facebook page too - check him out - PJ Costello ...
He has over 1,000 friends the slut :)

Stephanie G. said...

#1 - I want a dog.
#2 - My mom is an English teacher.
#3 - I heart booze.
#4 - That is all.

Cameron said...

Funny shirt, cute pup!

...and look at you getting stuff done :)

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