Aug 20, 2010

oh, hi there.

Dear Blog, 

I'm sorry I've been so neglectful all week. 

Bad blogger. 

I'm driving to CA today {postpartum doula training. yay!} and I hope that you all have a lovely weekend. 

What are your favorite travel snacks? I always pick up peachy-o's and Gardetto's. Delicious.  

I'll be back next week in full-force-blogging mode. 

**Arizonans: remember to vote on Tuesday. It is your DUTY!
{Go blue team :) }


Neyleen said...

Maybe you could leave work at noon so we can get Shenandoah for dinner tonight...

Stephanie G. said...

Starburst or Skittles are a road trip must!

Unknown said...

Of course -- Grandpa Crackers!!

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