Mar 11, 2011



Do you ever do dumb things that make you really mad at yourself? 

For example, spending $100 on super cute Happy New Year cards for your doula clients and colleagues and then NEVER sending them out even though you addressed them all?!?! 

I am so lame. Now I don't know what to do with these things. It's too late to send them out, right? I don't want to throw them away because they are really cute! Maybe I'll just change the 1 in 2011 to a 2 to make it 2012. Anyone have a Sharpie? JK. 


Anonymous said...

You should send them anyway... Just to remind people that it was a new year, and still is 2011...

Summer said...

what about cutting off the "happy new year" and making an insert of all the exciting things that have happened/will happen in 2011.. for BLD.

and thank you for reminding me why I never send out cards.

Julie Kiefer said...

I say SEND then ANYWAY!!!

Molly and Patrick Devinger said...

Send them. Life is busy. : )

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