Mar 15, 2011

random memories


When I was a little girl I was VERY particular about my candy. Now I am particular about everything, but that's another blog post. 

I didn't like many types of candy and what I did like, I only liked certain flavors. For example, I only ate pink and orange starburst. The other ones went to my brother or in the trash.

I also only liked orange jelly beans. Every year, my grandma would pick all of the orange jelly beans out of the bag so that I could have exclusively orange jelly beans in the plastic eggs in my easter basket. 

That is true love.  


jess said...

does anyone actually enjoy yellow starbursts? i always left the orange and pink ones for last because they are (obviously) far superior.

Corie said...

Mmm, I like red and pink starburst and red, pink, and white jellybeans. Now I wished I had a bag of jelly beans. Mmmm!

JuliAnna said...

That's SO cute! Where would we be without our Grandma's?

Unknown said...

Awww, your grandma is so sweet! Pink Starbursts were always my favorite, but I would still eat the other flavors too :)

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