Mar 10, 2011



Before accepting my new job in California, I sat in my house with my favorite mug and thought about what I would be losing and what I would be gaining by leaving Arizona. I focused on the Emerson quote in my mug while sipping my tea. I know what I want from life and staying in Arizona is not a part of that plan. I knew I would really miss my friends (I have NO friends in my current city) and my house. I really miss having a space of my own. However, this job is providing me the opportunity to prepare for living the life I imagine. It feels wonderful to have my family an hour and a half away and I love seeing them every weekend. I feel peaceful and content with my decision to move and am looking forward to the near future when I can live the life I imagine. 



I would really like to start blogging more often, but I am taking care of babies for 12 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week. I feel like I don't have much to share. Not only am I not allowed to blog about the kiddos (understandable), but there are only so many 'I'm covered in spit up' posts you can write. I'll do my best to post more consistently. :) 

I'm also posting HERE every week! Are you reading about the cheesy goodness? 


Kelley said...

Ah, I also love that quote. Stares at me every day and I'm so, so happy for you getting closer to your imagined life. :)The family you are with is so lucky to have you. You are a part of their lives and they'll remember it forever.

Also, I totally agree on the spit-up updates. I feel like I can only write so much about the messes a baby makes. :)

Cameron said...

Achieving your dreams is something not everyone gets to do...I'm so happy that you've made the brave choice to move toward your goals :)

Best wishes to you!

BCassFam said...

Wow that is a lot of hours!!!! I am glad you like it.

JuliAnna said...

I love this post - don't worry about blogging, we know you're busy making things happen for yourself! The move and leaving friends is H.A.R.D - been there done that - but the reward of knowing you're getting closer to the life you imagine for yourself is oh so worth it!

Can't wait to watch it all unfold...

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