Jan 12, 2009

December/January Movies

7 Pounds was pretty good. People I spoke to said that the ending was a big surprising shocker type ending, but I figured it out at the beginning and was anticipating being super shocked! It didn't happen. I give it a B-.
P.S. I really want a pet jellyfish now. :)

This movie was GREAT. It was filled with racist remarks but in the end they become terms of endearment for Clint Eastwood's neighbors?? I was trying not to smile when he insulted people but then the people he was insulting were so good humored about it and Clint thought he was such a bad ass that I had to laugh. I heart crotchety old men, what can I say? I think my brother put it best when he said, "He's the cutest little racist old man ever." He is so growly and cute. I just want to cover him up with an afghan, give him a PBR and say, "I know Clint, you are so mean and scary," then pat him on his head and watch wheel of fortune with him. A.

This is one of the best book to movie films I've seen. I thought it was cast very well and I cried. It has been awhile since I have seen it so please excuse the short review.

You know when you go to a wedding as someones date and you don't know ANYONE and everybody is drinking and toasting and laughing at inside jokes and you plaster a nice smile on your face and giggle at the appropriate times but you really just want to go home? Then you go to the bathroom at least once every 30 minutes to call/text your best friends to tell them how miserable you are? That is what I felt like while watching this movie. I thought it was AWFUL and don't understand what all the hype is about. D+ (I'm only giving it a plus because the reception tents and saris were super cool).


JuliAnna said...

Good to know about Rachel Getting Married - I was REALLY tempted to see it while it was on the big screen. I will wait now:) OH - have you seen Benjamin Button?? I loved it...I think you would too:) Happy New Year!

Taylor K said...

I have NOT seen Benjamin Button but am really looking forward to it! My friend got an advance copy DVD from a hollywood friend, so I think we're going to watch it this weekend! BTW, I saw bride wars last night. It was also a renter. ;)

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