Jan 22, 2009

Grandpa Crackers

My Grandpa Dan died last Thursday.

It's bittersweet because he will be missed but was VERY ready to go.

I thought I'd share some of the things I'll never forget!

Grandpa Crackers: When I was a little girl I called Cheez-Its 'Grandpa Crackers' because my Grandpa ALWAYS ate them. My first day of Kindergarten I took my .50 cents for snack time and stood in line like a big girl. When I got to the front I said, "I would like some Grandpa Crackers please." The cafeteria lady had NO idea what I was talking about and I ended up having to point them out. That's the day I discovered that our family has lots of nicknames for every day items, like crackers.

He was a Scrabble GENIUS.

We banned him from play because he was so good.

Like most people from Savannah, he loved shrimp boils for his birthday, black eyed peas, okra and grits!
He also loved fishing and marching bands.

He was always willing to 'help' with my college math homework for me so that I could focus on other important study topics like like beer drinking and standards stealing. ;) I'd just send him an email and 20 minutes later it would magically be finished!

After EVERY trip in the car (even if it was just to the grocery store) he would log his miles in a spiral notebook he kept in the center console. So weird!

He was a really good harmonica player! This is a picture of our group at my grandparents' house in Oakhurst playing guitar, harmonica and singing after dinner. So fun.

This is how our telephone conversations ALWAYS started (I'm going to try to type in a Southern accent for his parts....not as easy as it sounds).

GD: Hello?

TK: Hi Grandpa, It's Taylor.


TK: Taylor, your granddaughter. Giggle Giggle.

GD: Aaaah, hello. How are ya honey?

TK: I'm good, how are you?

GD: I'm fihne. Just fiihne.

TK: Is Bee home?

GD: Ah, no she's at....uh...well...somewhere. PEO? Bookclub? Bible Study? Fresno Flats (the historic society/museum they're docents for)? She's always off doin' somethin' you know. I can't keep track..........

I spent part of the summer after my senior year at their house to get some quality time before college. That's the summer I was allowed to participate in the nightly cocktail hour! He made me my first vodka tonic. Very refreshing! He always finished his sips with a satisfied 'aaaaaaaaah,' a wink and a smile.

Grandpa VS. The Woodpeckers of Madera County

During the summers woodpeckers pound on my grandparents' wood home. In the mornings my grandpa would take his BB gun on a mission to make them stop. So, the morning soundtrack included PECK PECK PECK PECK PECK then PING PING PING then FLUTTER FLUTTER!

Now tell me what YOU love about YOUR grandpas!


Roo'sMama said...

aw, you made me cry! your Grandpa sounds like an amazing man! Have you heard the country song Small Town Southern Man by Alan Jackson? If not, you should listen to it, it reminds me of my Grandaddy, and it sounds like your Grandpa was cut from the same cloth! My favorite silly thing about my Grandaddy is he calls my Grandma "Tige" b/c she has a temper like a tiger, and until I was seven I actually thought her real name was Tige and told some lady at church that! lol! He still teases me about it!

I'm glad you dedicated such a beautiful blog entry to your Grandpa, my heart is with you as you deal with losing him.

I think this is the worst part of growing up; watching our older family members age and pass on. Makes me want to be sitting at the "kids table" still (true they only let me move to the "big table" after I had a baby!).

Corie said...

LOVED hearing about your grandpa! Sounds like he was an amazing person that will be missed soooo much! You have lots of fun memories!:)

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about your grandpa. I think you made a great entry in his honor. It would be great to get it in print to save for future generations, so that they can feel like they knew him too. :o)

Kelley said...

SO sorry to hear about his passing, Taylor! But what a beautiful tribute and post. You are lucky to have such great memories of good times and mostly of love.

BCassFam said...

i know you really didn't know grandpa kalander but whenever i think of him i think of his pompadour hair (bob does a great impersonation of his morning styling routine) and that every day before he came home from work, the carpets had to be vacuumed and raked, then nobody could walk around the house until grandpa came home because the carpet had to be perfectly groomed when he walked through the door. oh, and you weren't allowed to slam the car doors. you had to shut them gently.

Taylor K said...

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes!

Taylor K said...

Courtney, I have totally heard that song and it definitely reminds me of him! I think we're going to Savannah this spring to scatter his ashes and I can't wait to see where he grew up!

Taylor K said...

Corie, I am sure you are having SO much fun making memories with Camdyn and her grand dude! I check for priness updates all the time!

Taylor K said...

Kathy, that is a great idea. I think I might make a little scrap book for my grandma based on the same concept?

Taylor K said...

Brian, I don't remember him at all but have heard ALL about his funny little quirks!

Don Durham said...

What a nice piece Taylor. I hope you and your family are doing well. I can't answer you question about either of my Grandfathers because, I'm at work, and I would be here all day...but maybe soon. Take care.

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