Jan 26, 2009

The Vapors

When I have my nervous breakdown (I'm thinking it could happen this week? Maybe early next week?) I am either going here, http://www.sources-caudalie.com/US.html, or here, http://www.sanctuarybb.com/. I'm leaning toward the place in France because they have something called Vinotherapie. However, I've always wanted to go to Australia and when I imagine myself re cooperating from my breakdown I've always thought it would be by the ocean. So, if I disappear you should call these places and cancel all of your credit cards. I've probably stolen the numbers to pay for my stay.


Mother Dear said...

hello missy,
please make a reservation for two when you go to the "vapors". because if you are going crazy i'm going too. i'll order the clean white monogramed robes.
i love you -
your mommie

spencer said...

hey that's weird i have only had two nervous breakdowns this week so far!
maybe i should check these places out...

from jacqueline
(because for some reason i can't get this stupid thing to not say spencer's name)

Taylor K said...

you totally should come with! maybe we can get a family discount? I always know it's you and not Spencer because I know Spencer would never read this, let alone comment on it! good luck moving. see you in Oakhurst! I'm bringin' RUSS!

spencer said...

well that's good because the best cure for insanity is a nice hefty dose of russell

Taylor K said...

he'll SCREAM the crazy out of you! RAAAARRRR!!!

Roo'sMama said...

you're so fancy schmancy! I get "the vapors" often and I just have to recooperate by sobbing on the floor of my laundry room (it's the only room with a door that locks, for some very strange reason?!) or else I go get a very dramatic, very bad haircut which then causes my husband to get "the vapors"! lol!
p.s. I'm coming to PHX in mid Feb for two weeks! we must wine and wine each other (the dine is optional)!

Taylor K said...

ooh! hair cuts are a good way to cure the vapors. i wish I could re-cooperate at one of those places. I usually opt for the crying in the shower option!

Marty said...

If you do go to Australia visit the east coast as there are heaps of great chill out places.
I would recommend the Northern Rivers, Byron Bay and surrounding districts.
There are plenty of people doing the same as you want to do!

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