Jan 5, 2010


But, I was going to marry him.
Kind of rude, Vince.
**i don't have a photo credit because i was too busy crying hysterically to notice which website i jacked it from**


JMay said...

HAHAHA, you're hilarious.


I was so bummed when I read this, he's a total hottie!

Ashley said...

I didn't hear that...who in the world did he get married to?!?

nicole said...

oh no!

i've been waiting for him, ..

so the 5 guys i said no to (true i swear) were all in vain ?

crappola !

Corie said...

I know...I was thinking what the heck too??

Kenza said...

what?! This is ridiculous. By the way i love your blog! Its really cool.

Shanley said...

So bummed. He's just precious and funny and...everything nice.

Annie said...

oh i bet you are just heartbroken! ;)
ha, too funny!

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