Mar 3, 2010

Howdy Neighbor

 i think my neighbor might be a hooker. 
i just thought I would let you all know. 
not judging. 
just saying. 

speaking of hookers...
have you seen Valentine's Day?
I had a dinner and a movie date with 
friend Nina on Saturday and we saw it.
I love the Julia Roberts outtake/Rodeo Drive thingy. 
Too cute.


Summer said...

where did you find that sign? That is hilarious!!!

Alicia said...

dude....for real you think she's a hooker?! my old neighbor was a 'masseuse' know...the kind with the happy ending!

Julie Kiefer said...

Taylor, I moved away so technically I am not your neighbor anymore and would appreciate if you would talking smack about my professional choices.

That's all.

nicole said...

i LOVED that movie :)

in fact anything with bradley cooper is divine (except all about steve. bleugh)

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