Jun 8, 2010


**photo is from this blog.

are you reading it?

I really like it. Leah is writing a thank you
note every day. 
It made me want to write more thank you notes,
so I did. 


I was conflicted about whether or not to write one to my dad. The last time I was in CA I stayed at his house. I was all out of money and just HAD to take my cousin to brunch at the Balboa Bay Club. So, I raided the change jar {all dads have a coin jar on their closet shelf, right? I think it's a dad rule.} he keeps on his closet shelf {he was out of the country, otherwise this would not have happened. I would have just stolen from his wallet because I'm a good daughter like that} and took all the silver coins to Coinstar. So basically, I stole from him. Is it appropriate to write a thank you note if you stole money from your dad? I've decided that it is. 

In other news, I think that I left my camera cord at home, so I only have iPhone photos to share today. I took some fun pictures this weekend and have a delicious recipe to share with you as soon as I figure out where the cord is. 



This mascara is not that great. Stick to Great Lash.


Anonymous said...

I use to "borrow" all my dad's change he kept in a drawer next to his bed, it's perfectly normal, and why else would he leave it there if he didn't want his daughter to use it.I'm glad you found out about the mascara.. I was tempted to switch.. good lookin out Tay.

Summer said...

I can't wear mascara it clogs my eyeballs, and makes my contacts foggy, but if you have any tips on which face cleanser will make me acne free at the age of 31 I would greatly appreciate it!! Seriously, I look like a teenager, and not a popular one either. I love how your iphone gives everything a polaroid retro feel. I hvae not every removed change from my dad's coin sorter without permission, but I did one time convince the kids to buy lunch for themselves using their piggy bank $ at the pool so I wouldn't have to drive to the bank to get cash, or make lunch, or clean up the kitchen.

Sandy B. said...

dear summer, i really like aveno scrubbing face cleaner pads. they come in a nice fat jar and are in the seven dollar range at target. i have had good results. one side of the pad is soft and one is scruby for exfoliation. good luck from taylor's mom

Unknown said...

Dear Taylor,

Thank you for this post. Reading the story about your dad's change jar reminded me about all the times as a kid I would sneak into my dad's closet and take all his quarters and only the quarters. I couldn't be bothered with the smaller change.

My dad's closet had this distinct smell - a combination of cedar, moth balls and worn clothes. At the time, I thought the odor was odd but now it brings back happy memories. I miss my dad.

On a side note, do you think that mascara would work to cover up the gray in my beard?

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