Jun 29, 2010

I Heart Faces

Have you heard of I Heart Faces?

It's a photo group (the have a facebook page) that presents a different photo 'challenge' every week.

I've decided to start entering. :)

This week's challenge is PETS.

Since I don't have a pet, I decided to borrow Heather's. Heather hosted a bacon party this weekend (more on that tomorrow!) and I snapped a couple of photos of a very curious Miss Hattie while I feasted on delicious bacon wrapped foods.

Here goes nothing!



Rachelle said...

He he, a good demonstration of why pet photography can be so darn hard!

Summer said...

I can't believe you tried to take a photo of a dog while snacking on bacon. That must have been near to impossible. Love the bacon party.

Tezzie said...

Adorable...and that bacon post is just too hilarious!

Thanks so much for stopping by to leave such a kind comment :D

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