Jun 15, 2010

nights like these...


It is nights like this when I wish I could just walk over to my mom's house for some dinner and television


could hop in the car to my dad's house to watch the lakers (go lakers!) kick some boston ass


could walk on 2nd street with brother and miss chocolate for a cup of tea and a crepe to share. 

but instead I will go to my hot home. 

i will lie on my bed and stare out my window, toward the west. toward the people and city that I love. I will think to myself, 'someday soon, someday soon.'

wow. I am super emo tonight.

p.s. my mom sent me my favorite summer smell. now, at least, my hot home smells like my home home even though they are 378 miles apart.



Oh, My Darling said...

Aw, your mom is such a sweetheart! What a lovely care package/gift.

Summer said...

I am taking notes on how to be an excellent mother, little did I know it would involve the post office. I loathe that place... although I suppose if I concentrated on the happiness I was spreading... might make it worth the while..

Anonymous said...

I love walking down on second street with you, and we would have to walk past the tiny lawn withthe sign that says "dog pee kills grass" : ) have fun *winter

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