Sep 1, 2010

Anatomy of a Good Bedside Table


Anatomy of a good bedside table;

1) Disney Princess Alarm Clock that plays, 'A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.' {my mom, aunt and grandma have matching ones. we don't care that they're for five year olds}
2) Glass bird figurine that reminds you of your great-grandma {nana}
3) Napoleonic dancing couple lamp
4) Delicious smelling candle from Frances
5) Glass of wine

**Also, if you have room, add some books. My bedside table is too small, so I keep them on the hope chest at the foot of my bed.


Kara said...

My favorite part is the glass of wine, followed closely by the Disney clock. How fab are you?!

Summer said...

I am so jealous of your bedside table, mine almost always has folded laundry on it, dust, and a lamp with busted shade. I would like you to come decorate for me, I could use a disney alarm clock.

Alicia said...

so dang cute...seriously the fact that you have a disney alarm clock only makes me love you more!

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