Oct 5, 2010

hey you, shut up. ok?

Hey fall loving bloggers,

Can you please be quiet? It is still sadly warm in Phoenix and I don't really want to hear about your pumpkin spice lattes, tights, pumpkin bread and scarves. I know that you have to love fall (along with cupcakes, etsy and regina spektor; the blog love holy trinity) but please stop telling us about it. Love it to yourself.

I know, you're super excited about it being here. When I lived in Flagstaff I used to get really excited about it too. Oh, Flagstaff. I would so much rather live there. If I were there I would drive to Oak Creek to buy some cider from the side of the road, admire the fiery aspens on the peaks, drink a latte downtown at Late for the Train and would most definitely stop at Basement Marketplace for a new fall ensemble.  But until I move, please stop blogging about fallishness until at least November.




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Kara said...

I so totally agree. Rage.

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