Oct 6, 2010

She Could Be a Farmer In Those Clothes

I've decided to grow stuff. 

Vegetable type stuff. 

And with the help of African Kelli and with some land generously loaned to me by my aunt and uncle, I think it's going to happen. 

Initially, I planned a farm. Complete with fainting goats {comedic value}, miniature pigs {cuteness value}, chickens {for the eggs}, and Shetland ponies {so I can braid their hair. also, you can use them to plow stuff,duh}. My ideas were scaled back, however, when my aunt and uncle informed me that farm animals would not be welcome on their 1 acre lot in Central Phoenix. Too bad. 

When I was ten we traveled to Smithboro, Illinois {population 200. Seriously. 200 people live there.} for a family reunion on the good 'ol Bauer family farm. The Bauer family farm used to be a fur trapping business {don't tell PETA} but after an unfortunate fur warehouse fire {karma?}, the Bauers decided to focus on growing soy beans, corn and milo. I still remember this from when I was ten. What is Milo, you might ask? Milo is a grain used primarily in animal feed. In the town of Smithboro there is a family called the Dothagers. Many of them are on the, shall we say, trashy side? Which is saying a lot in the town of Smithboro. So of course, members of my family make fun of them because that's how we roll. 
When I was 15 I went on a ski trip with my farm cousins and their friends. I flew from CA, they flew from IL and we met in Breckenridge, CO. While in a gondola ski lift, I spotted some super trashy skiers. Being the snotty teenager that I was I said, 'Ew! Look at them! They must be Dothagers!' thinking this would make my cousins laugh. I forgot, however, that their friends were with us and being from a small town were all related to every other townsperson somehow. About three of the cousin's friends cried out, 'HEY! My granny's a Dothager!'

And that, my friends, is how I almost died in a gondola in Colorado. 

How are these things related, you might ask? 
We have decided to name our Phoenix farm Dothager Acres. It just seems like the right thing to do. Overalls mandatory, shoes discouraged, missing teeth welcome.

Stay tuned for farm updates!


**photo courtesy wehearit.com


African Kelli said...

you have an ACRE to farm? Is this on irrigation? HOT DAMN! Call me a dothager any day. I am so proud of you!

Taylor K said...

No, their house is on an acre. I don't have the entire acre to grow things. I just have a little plot of land. :)

Kelley said...

LOVE! We are just starting our veggie and herb garden, too, so we'll have to share tips! That's so Martha. :)

SM said...

I prefer Dothager ACRE, and I too have family the grows soy beans and lives in a town where too many people may be their own grandfather. Funny stuff, I would have protected you by the way because I know a lot about putting my foot in my mouth :) Love Love Love

p.s. please grow basil, it is my favorite!

Taylor K said...

TOTALLY agree. Dothager Acre it is. Good call Steph.

Stephanie G. said...

Best blog title ever!

I don't think people quote Clueless enough - we should work on that.

Taylor K said...

I completely agree Anie. :)

Kelley- we'll have to have a harvest party or something! Hooray for being Marthas. :)

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