Oct 8, 2010

El Juez


I had tacos with The Judge last night. The Judge is my uncle. Well, technically he is my grandpa's cousin's husband, but it's way easier to say that he is my uncle.  I call him The Judge because he was.........a Judge. Sometimes I call him El Juez because that means The Judge en espanol. Sometimes I call him Judgie-Wudgie-Poo-Poo. He LOVES it when I do that. Not.

When I was little I got to sit in his judge chair in his courtroom. I banged the gavel and sentenced my great-great aunt (mother of Carol) to life in prison. I know, I am harsh.  Carol (wife of The Judge) fled to California so I have been making sure The Judge is being fed. 

We went to a BRAND new taco place last night and it was deliciosa. It is called Los Taquitos. They opened a new place on Sixteenth Street and Glendale. If you live in Phoenix, check it out. If you don't live in Phoenix, too bad. Try the carne asada tacos. They had the perfect ratio of meat to onion/cilantro mix. ¡Que bueno! We thought it was the grand opening night, but it ended up being their practice night so everything was ¡FREE! Even the beer. I just love free drinks. ¡Que bueno! I ran into Susie of Foodies Like Us, which was fun. She is cute and always has the best facebook profile pictures. You should like them on facebook.

Sometimes The Judge gets nervous that people will think I'm not REALLY his niece. Like, 'this is my niece...wink wink.' Like in pretty woman when she says she is his niece but she is really a hooker? Ya know what I mean? In order to assuage those fears, he usually says things like, "Hello, this is MY WIFE'S NIECE,' very loudly so that people don't get suspicious. It's pretty hilar.

I hope you're having a lovely Friday.

Peace, love and tacos.

¡Que Bueno!


Sandy B. said...

que very funny. no requerdo how to say funny en espanol el juez is so cute. note to readers, you were wearing a royal blue ESPRIT cotton sun dress with crisp white bows in your hair when you harshly and unfairly sentenced aunt sadie. ps she skipped bail. today's blob post made me smile. i like to smile and i like you and now i want one of those tacos. xxoo besos and abrasos as they say south of the border.

Phoenix said...

Really, don't ALL Very Serious Judges adore being called Judgie-Wudgie-Poo-Poo?!

Did his wife flee BECAUSE you sentenced her to life in prison? Hmmm.... ;)

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