Oct 1, 2010

crazy week!

What a crazy week. Phoenix bff had a baby on Monday and NOW we're headed down to Tucson for her sister's wedding. 

Yep. A baby and a marriage. This is a big week for the Adelmans! :) 

I have been working and snuggling baby K this week and have had little time to let the blogging part of my brain work. I'll be back next week in full force. 

As I said, I'm heading to Tucson. 

{do you ever get nervous when you say you're going out of town? Ya know, how the news guys tell you that if you broadcast that you're out of town on social media bad guys will come and steal your stuff? Even though I really don't have much stuff to steal? Well, BAD GUYS, I have around 17 mean junk yard dogs in my house. That's right. In my 900 square foot condo I have 17 junk yard dogs. You had better not mess with them. They're MEAN. And HUNGRY for bad guys. Also, I have a loud alarm. For the reals. So there.}

Please read this post (from my blog; before I figured out how to make the pictures look pretty. ;)) and this post (from an awesome blog that you should all be following) about the AMAZING Congress Hotel in Tucson. I really love it there. Check it. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy October! 

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Heidi said...

have a great trip! congrats on your friends baby..and wedding.

yes, i get you! have fun on your trip!

Heidi said...
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nicole said...


at the risk of sounding scarily blonde ... whats a junk yard dog ???

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