Dec 22, 2010

Ney Believes

Today's list comes from my High School BFF, Neyleen. 

We have rhyming names (ney and tay) and the same birthday. 

Ney is a fancy attorney. 

The photo above is from Neyleen's wedding. Do you like my Anna Nicole hair? I hope so. 

Here is Ney's list;

I believe that watching a  sunset, smelling the ocean, and finding a beautiful seashell is perfection. 

My wonderful assistant, Irasema, believes that Santa has the power to 'off' people upon request. 

I believe that it is completely appropriate to show up to depositions with a bedazzled briefcase. 

I believe that love is mysterious, confusing, fulfilling, necessary and eye opening. 

I believe that family can be adopted, inherited, or borrowed if necessary. 

I believe that I am a super lucky person to have a friend like Tay Tay. 

I believe that at least one cocktail is necessary after work each day. 

I believe that work weeks should never be longer than 4 days. 

I believe that a Vegas trip should not last more than 24 hours. 

I believe that cheese, pasta, bagels and donuts are nutritious. 

I believe that I am not too old to take a photo with Santa. 


I believe that cabbage patches make the best of friends. 

I believe I will be a beautiful sea turtle in my next life. 

I believe I was Punky Brewster in a former life. 

I believe that the world no longer needs sharks. 

I believe that exercising is for the weak. 

I believe in the justice of jury trials. 

I believe in angels. 


Thanks for sharing Ney Ney. I love you. 

**I didn't send emails out this year asking for lists, so if you would like to write one please send it to me soon! We will have a very small series this year if we don't get some more in. :)

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