Dec 23, 2010

Tracey Believes

Today's post is from my favorite Iowa blogger {and soon to be author. I'm on of her beta readers. Squee!}, Tracey. 

Thanks so much for participating again Tracey! 


I believe:
in the healing power of wine and girlfriends.
in publicly announcing your goals, even if it might mean announcing your failure to reach them, too.
that talent without hard work is talent wasted.
that making a Target run in my pajama pants, sweatshirt, and no makeup guarantees I will run into at least one former boyfriend, neighbor, and co-worker.
that my children are my greatest accomplishment.
that eight solid hours of sleep will do wonders for your attitude.
in acting like a grownup when I should, and a kid when I can.
that it’s okay to work tirelessly toward your own goals, even if everyone has to accept that you’re a little less available because of it.
that the universe has a plan for everyone.
that nothing is a coincidence.
that how you treat animals says a lot about you.
that books are cheap therapy.
that you can spend too much time on the Internet.
that there are two kinds of people: those who always answer their cell phone, and those who don’t even know where their phone is.
that Dave will rarely answer his cell phone because he doesn’t know where it is, and even if it’s in his pocket, he won’t answer because it will be on silent.
that if I don’t cross my legs before laughing, sneezing, or coughing, I’ll probably pee my pants a little.
in supporting my kid’s dreams.
in not paying lip service to anyone.
that there are morning people and night owls and trying to convince either one to change is a exercise in futility.
that being perceptive will get you farther than being smart.
that sometimes it’s best to just shut your mouth.
in giving second chances.
that we’re all a little psychic if we really pay attention.
another great list! I love seeing how the lists change and stay the same from last year.