Dec 3, 2010

Friday Updates


Well hello there bloggy friends.
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have helped with two births, two weeks in a row. Thanksgiving and shopping and candy-cane-mainlining have also kept me from the blog.
The births went very well. They were both difficult and were awesome learning experiences. I was able to use so many of the tools I've learned but haven't practiced, so that was fantastic. 

Want to see the babies? 

Go to the official Baby Love Doula facebook page to check them out.!/babylovedoula

So, how are things with you? 

Are you busy writing your I Believe lists? Are you finishing them up and getting ready to email them to me? I sure hope so, because I have only received one person's list and ONE list does not a series make!

I have been feeling super Christmas-y this year. Carol and I are working hard on decorating their house for the arrival of mom, grandma and brother.  We are super pumped for the holidays this year. I even went shopping on Black Friday AND Thanksgiving night (just to Michael's on Thanksgiving night for some essential Christmas craft supplies) which I have never done before. 

More soon, I promise. 

In the meantime, start writing your I Believe lists! 



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funny in the 'hood said...

My list is on its way :)



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