Dec 29, 2010

Tracy Believes

Today's post is from my favorite LA blogger, Tracy

I love catching up on her acting, life and struggles {and overcoming those struggles} with the past. She is incredibly strong and shares her strength through her powerful words. We've also had some pretty great email conversations in which she has helped me through some ish

Thank you SO much for sharing again this year Tracy! 


I believe:

In the division of costs. As in: If I bought this dress for $200, but I wear it twice, then it really only cost $100. Also, if dinner was $30, but I had leftovers for lunch - voila! - it only cost $15. See how that works? I'm pretty sure men don't do this...

That kindness for the sake of kindness is the best gift you can give anyone.

Organized religion should help bridge the differences of others, not exacerbate them.

Chocolate fixes everything. If chocolate doesn't fix it, try eating cheese first, then chocolate for dessert.

Catching a stranger's eye and smiling is one of the most wonderful experiences humans get. Cherish it.

That we should all be proud of the supposedly "uncool" things we truly, absolutely adore. They'll be cool in a few years, trust me.

80's fashion is evil and looks good on no one except Rihanna, who would look good in bear suit. Speaking of which:

No, Lady Gaga, meat is not for wearing. Ease off the drugs, please.

It's the thought that counts when we try to do good things, and it's the action that counts when we try to do bad things.

That you shouldn't move in with someone unless you plan on spending the rest of your life with him or her.

In the power of breakfast in bed. And lunch. And dinner. And dessert. In bed.

People should hug something furry every day. If you have allergies to furry animals, hug a teddy bear, or a really soft blanket.

Sometimes it's okay to let people down.

That everyone should find three or four really good, deceptively difficult-looking but actually quite easy appetizer recipes, and bring those to parties for the rest of their life.

That life is what happens when we get up from our computers. The easiest way to blog is to live your life so that you have something to blog about.


Link to Tracy's 2009 I Believe list.


Sandy B. said...

i love knowing that someone else divides costs like i do. i have clothes that are paying me now. i am SUCH a good investor and you are sheer genius. catching a stranger's eye and smiling is an amazing moment of connection. i remember the first time i experienced this, grabbing a shopping cart at albertsons in huntington beach. wow.

Phoenix said...
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Phoenix said...

Sandy - hah, I love dividing costs! And I think connecting with strangers is such an incredible experience. :) Tay - thanks for posting this, and have a wonderful New Year!

Summer said...

I really thought I was the only one who divided costs! and spot on about smiling to strangers. I'm always telling our kids how important that it is, smile and look people in the face, but don't get too close or you'll get kidnapped.

Robin said...

I divide costs, too! Another thing in common:-)

Bathwater said...

Sadly Tracy you are so right the best way to blog IS to walk away from the computer and live.

And the best way to live is to wake up and get out of bed and eat in the kitchen.

Phoenix said...

Eating in the kitchen is overrated, Bath. :) Otherwise, I agree with everything you said.

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