May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is Sambo's birthday.
I'm going to tell you my 9 favorite things about her
because 9 is my favorite number.

#1 Her house always smells like home,
no matter where she lives.
When I come back from her house
and open my suitcase
I’m wrapped in the smells of M-O-M.

#2 I love it when people we know say,
OMG it must have been SO cool to have her
as your mom growing up.”
I just smile……
......because…....... was

#3 She always lets me have the
most buttery bite of her sourdough toast.

#4 I love that growing up we woke up to
Louis Armstrong
and cooked dinner to the
Gypsy Kings.

#5 From Junior High to College
I had a lot of friends
who she was a surrogate mom for.
I love that I never wanted
or needed
a surrogate mom,
because mine was more than enough.

#6 I love that she washes
our Christmas jammies
every year before she wraps them
so that they smell yummy
and are ready to wear
when we open them on Christmas Eve.

#7 I love that we have the same face.

#8 I love that when I’m freaking out
she plays the
‘worst case scenario game’
so that things
don’t look so bad anymore.

#9 I love that
all of the things I do
that are creative, cute, smart or funny
have usually been
critiqued, edited, tweaked or polished
by my mom.
My BEST work
is a result of her help and guidance.

Me and Mom

Mom and Cindy

Me, Mom, Spencer

Mom and Cindy, Tap Dancing Queens

Mom and Cindy (They both look like Scount Finch, no?)

Mom and Cindy. Oh so cute.

Mom, Nana and Cindy. Love the TShirt.


Mom, Cindy, Bee, Grandpa

I even love her when her hair looks like this.............

Tell me your favorite things about your mommmy!


JuliAnna said...

The T-Shirt is GREAT! And I love the post, very very sweet! The pics are great...I need a scanner!

Sandy B. said...

YOU are clearly MY best work. Thank you for loving me so much. and for sharing your favorite things about me. I love your heart my missy.
your mother.

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