May 19, 2009


One of my oldest and dearest friends, Neyleen, is in Newsweek! Neyleen is an attorney with the firm Girardi Keese (the Erin Brokovich firm) in Los Angeles and the photo featured in the magazine is below;
She's the one on the far right, seated.

It's in the issue with the disgusting pig snout/swine flu on the cover.

I absolutely LOVE that she is wearing pink shoes in a scene of stuffy monochromatic attorneys. :)

Here is a photo of us at her wedding in the fall of 2007. I, in my full Anna Nicole glory.........


JuliAnna said...

Oh, I LOVE your hair in the pic from the wedding. SO pretty:) But you know me, the fuller & higher, the better:)

Taylor K said...

he higher the hair, the closer to god, or closer to heaven? or something? what do they say in Texas. you should know!

Corie said...

What an awesome picture of the 2 of you girls! You look mah-valous!:)

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