May 22, 2009

Happy FryDay

When we were in elementary school we carpooled with a family who lived close by. To protect their identity we'll call them the Johnschmons. We attended a private school that was 30 minutes away (go roadrunners) and the rides could be a little trying with the oldest, most challenging Johnschmon daughter (two years my junior).

We'll call her Schmelizabeth Johnschmon. To encourage good behavior to and from school, my mom implemented FryDay Fridays. If we had good FryDay behavior all week she would take us to get french fries on our way home from school! It was an all or nothing deal, however, so EVERYONE had to have good FryDay behavior or NO ONE got french fries.

Below is just an EXAMPLE of good FryDay behavior from two random adorable children I found randomly on the internet. Notice the hands folded neatly in their laps and shiny smiles on their faces. You just KNOW their chores are done. Matching outfits also help........
Needless to say, Schmelizabeth often had rude-non-FryDay-behavior (i.e. being late for the after school pick up because she was tormenting kindergarten students, smacking her bbq corn nuts so loudly in the car I thought my head would explode, kicking the seat in front of her, making my mom chase her around the entire playground at a full sprint (and my mom is a FAST runner)) and FryDay was lost.

But the FryDay Fridays we were allowed to have warm salty frys were always delightful.

So, my hardworking friends, I encourage you to treat yourselves to something DELICIOUS for a job well done this week. Be it fries, ice cream, wine or a chilly martini (I think I'll choose the latter).

I think I might wear that outfit too. If only I had a huge atomizer.


P.S. For those of you who aren't aware, I am a full blown cyber stalker. I found Schmelizabeth Johnschmon on myspace a year or two ago (she came from a lovely upper middle class cultured family, mind you) and she is a full fledged-shit kicking-bud light drinking-confederate flag flying (don't get me started)- tobacco chewing-cowboy up sticker sporting-minority hating-boot wearing-truck driving HICK. Riddle me this....How do you grow up in LONG BEACH, CA (the most culturally diverse city IN THE UNITED STATES according to a 2000 USA today report) and evolve into someone like that?


Kim said...

I randomly ran across your blog. I like. FryDay rocks.

Julie Kiefer said...

OMG, Fryday beats silly sticker charts anyday! Sandy really does rock!

Corie said...

OMG, I just LOVE my delta ladies!:) You crack me up Tay! xo

Sandy B. said...

this is taylor's mother speaking. FRIES were only purchased and enjoyed if all of the carpoolers had good behavior. sometimes, when schlemizabeth was obnoxious i would take my own perfect blonde children to get fries, AFTER i dropped off the naughty children.
martinis were not an option back in those days... but i should have thought of that. hmmmm? where was my thinking cap back in 1990? and..... the photo is of in and out french fries and we went to jack or mc donalds. back in the day the only in and out was an hour away. but..... fry day is a very good day!

Eileen said...

Haha, schlemizabeth- the most inconspicuous cover-up name ever!
I love the idea of FryDays- it's absolute genius. It's motivation to be on your best behaviour, and you get to treat yourself at the end of the week. So, I think I've been very good this week, and there's an unopened tub of ice cream in the freezer- the rest writes itself, I think!

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

your code names were a riot.


fry day. i love it.. and I LOVE THE .. everyone has to be good.

sits sharefest stopby... a day late...


I also notice some threebies in your life! My good friend has threebies. :)

Jenn said...

Here from SITS and I think I'll stay. Now when I go home and eat a bowl of choclate ice cream I can say, well, this is my FryDay. So there!

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