May 25, 2009

Thank You

At 10 a.m. tomorrow morning the California Supreme Court will issue its decision on whether to uphold Proposition 8.
 I’ve been brewing over an angry blog entry all week criticizing supporters of Proposition 8 and their hateful propaganda that does SO much harm to the family values they're claiming to protect. 

But, when I sat down to finalize things today I decided to go in a different direction.

 There will be no Miss California bashing or criticizing Thomas Monson for the $22 million he sent from Utah to California to  corrupt an election that doesn’t even affect their state.

Thank you Barbara Gittings

Thank you and Salaam Alaykum, Malcolm X

Thank you James Baldwin

Thank you Emma Goldman

Thank you Ella Baker

Thank you Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Thank you Dorothea Dix

Thank you Sojourner Truth

Regardless of California’s Supreme Court decision tomorrow, I encourage everyone to stand up for everyone’s civil rights. Our founding fathers settled this country on the basis of FREEDOM and equal rights for all. 

I’m sure they would be very disappointed in our society if they knew that some of our leaders were twisting their words to form religious-based discriminatory decrees that go against the very grain of our great society. 

We cannot be free unless we are all free.

NOW is the time to STAND UP for your friends who are being treated differently because of their sexual orientation (or, according to this article, (thanks for sharing @joeprguy) simply for choosing not to get married). ****So that's great. I'll be dying alone in the hospital. Hooray for being single. I might as well just stay home to die alone with my 47 cats and hanging ferns.****

Now is the time.








Sandy B. said...

wow, you are on fire about this stuff missy. i'm proud of your passion.

Mare said...

Oh my, thank you for a very thought provoking blog post. There is hope in this world, really! from an old "era" fighter for freedom. Mare Pagel-Smith
We will meet soon! :)

Taylor K said...


Thank you for the lovely comment! After a little research, I've figured out who you are! Civano Inn. I'm going to be in the wine country south of Tucson the weekend of the 14th, and I HOPE I will be in Tucson to see one of my favorite artists, Ben Kweller, perform at the Congress. We must get together!

See you soon!

Taylor Kalander

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