Jun 10, 2010

My new babies

I attended a breast feeding class last night as part of my doula certification. 

I knew there would be breast feeding dummy babies there, so before I left I asked facebook and twitter what to name my breast feeding babies. 

I present to you;

Quinn Celia Chlymidia Rose Finja ChiChi 

and, Thor Finley Crewe Titmeister Big Head Hector Carlos Baby Doe Jose Jimenez Chachi Gato Barack Obabma


Summer said...

I have nursed four children FOUR each for a year, and I would not under any circumstances let that scary babydoll near my chest!! Why do it's eyes look so demonic and creepy?

Taylor K said...

Summer, can you please be a little nice to my newborn babies? I am a sensitive new mother. JK. Yeah, that one was pretty creepy. And really dirty.

Anonymous said...

How the heck did I miss out on helping name these kiddos?! Damn work getting in the way of my tweeting.

PS: this is @BEEingNE, I'm just not signed in.

Anonymous said...

oh tay, your kids are so creepily cute. I can't wait to met them in person, you get to keep those right?!

Summer said...

Taylor I have a strict policy about not lying to people about the attractiveness of their children, because all babies are not cute. Loved perhaps.. but not cute. So, I am actually being nice, by maintaining our honesty in the long run you will appreciate this because you will be able to trust my opinion when you ask if you look fat in something, if your breasts are evenly distributed in your bra, if your nursing pads are visible and if I think your kid is a bully.

on another note.. I did almost post on FB that your baby needed a bath in hand sanitizer... I hope you didn't contract syphyllis fake nursing him. ... also do you need me to knit you one of those little pasty hats for demonstration purposes?

Julie Kiefer said...

Can I be their auntie? I promise to always have gum.

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