Dec 27, 2010

Mackenzie Believes

Today's post is from my cousin Mackenzie who is wise beyond her years.



I believe.

I believe in grace even though I have none.

I believe in walking barefoot in the rain with no umbrella.

I believe in Steel Magnolias.

I believe that we were all put on this Earth for a reason – even if that reason takes 85 years to discover.

I believe in food that makes your mouth water just to think about it.

I believe in the kind of love that sweeps you off your feet and never lets you go. The kind of
love that keeps you laughing through everything, good or bad.

I believe in skipping class and spending all day in bed.

I believe that it’s okay to want to be five years old even though you’re 25.

I believe in the power of God and prayer.

I believe in respect and dignity – treating yourself with it and making sure you give the same to others.

I believe in staying out all night with friends just so you can watch the sunrise.

I believe that everything matters.

I believe that there are things we can’t take back, no matter how hard we try.

I believe that women will always be little girls first – no matter how hard we try to not be.

I believe in flirting.

I believe that it’s hardest when family is the one who hurt you – but the reunion is the sweetest.

I believe in Christmas.

I believe in butterfly kisses.

I believe in chocolate and that it is the best bandaid.

I believe that this too shall pass.

I believe that talking for hours to your best friend over a bottle of wine is just as good as sitting for an hour with a shrink.

I believe that my mom can do anything and everything. She’s wonder woman.

I believe that my dad is the smartest, strongest, most amazing man that I will ever know.

I believe in laughter, pink, high heels, Audry Hepburn, chick flicks.

I believe in big trucks, mud, backwards baseball hats, ripped jeans.

I believe in me. 



Alicia said...

i love this!! mackenzie sounds like such a cool gal :) her list was awesome!

African Kelli said...

Yep. I believe those things about my daddy too.

Phoenix said...

Mackenzie rocks. Chocolate is totally the best band-aid. EVER.

I've been away from the internet while vacationing from work, but I'm back now - if you still have room for some more "I Believe" guest posts, I'd love to throw another one your way. Just let me know.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Taylor :)

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