Jan 11, 2011

Daina Believes

We have a straggler! Today's list is from a family friend, Daina. :) 


My list is an odd number kind of thing. And, I dedicate it to Taylor’s mom…
 I love you Sammy!

·         -I believe in drinking expensive champagne out of plastic cups

·         -I believe reading opens the mind

·         -I believe in “ponies”

·         -I believe in listening and the power of touch

·         -I believe in breaking the cycle

·         -I believe in rocking in chairs during training sessions

·         -I believe walking barefoot in the sand calms the soul

·         -I believe in never judging – you never know when you will be walking in the shoes you have just judged

·         -I believe in dancing

·         -I believe in playing word games during staff meetings and giving hotel tours as it were the Louvre

·         -I believe friends are like the ebb and flow of tides – sometimes they are in and at times they are out, be but they are never truly gone

·         -I believe everything tastes better with fresh herbs

·         -I believe magic sentences are the best when packed in a lunch box for school or work

·         -I believe my day is complete when sitting at my very old dining room table sharing great food and wine with my family and friends

·         -I believe in lipstick and scarves

·         -I believe in no regrets and life lessons

·         -I believe in Carpe Diem

·         -I believe all problems can be solved during a “working lunch” at Joe Jost’s

·         And last but not least… I believe we can pang if we want to!

Thanks for sharing Daina! :)  

{photo is of Daina and Jeff's gorgeous girls who wear my party dresses and ready my books. :) } 


Sandy B. said...

WOW my heart is full. i believe in amazing friendships that bloom from divine intervention. i believe in hand me downs and i believe that you should never mess with the help. i love my wiener.

Sandy B. said...

i also believe that your girls are beautiful beautiful people. inside and out. i can already see it in their faces. nice work j & d.

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