Jan 5, 2011

Stephanie Believes

Today's list is from my favorite Phoenix turned London blogger, Stephanie, from Letters and Lists. 

I'm fortunate to know Stephanie for-the-reals and am SO anxious to visit her {and Jessica and Nicole} in London this summer. TK in the UK. Woot! 


I Believe...... in the form of an even numbered list because that's how I do:

2.  I believe true friends make up your heart and soul

3.  I believe most problems can be solved with ribbon

4.  I believe most problems can be solved with wine

5.  I believe ribbon and wine go together like peanut butter and jam

6.  I believe jelly is bullshit

7.  I believe in marriage

8.  I believe confidence is sexy

9.  I believe I'd be lost without my family

10..  I believe people come in and, sometimes even more importantly, go OUT of your life at just the right times

11.  I believe everyone is slightly OCD in their own right. Some more so than others, obvs

12.  I believe that people who shorten their words are cool kids

13.  I believe in God

14.  I believe in the power of making lists

15.  I believe "the champagne's bubbles" should be the new "the cat's pajamas"....but not the new "bee's knees" because that one is a classic.

16.  I believe Tay's mom might agree with #15

17.  I believe it would be hysterical if a dog was named Linda 
{note from Tay- my mom will also like this one. Linda is my step mom's name. Bwahahahahaha.}

18.  I believe I now need to pause and laugh at the thought of Linda the dog!

19.  I believe you have to be in it to win it

20.  I believe it's okay not to smile all the time, it doesn't mean you're not a happy person

21.  I believe in glitter and rhinestones

22.  I believe in not having regrets

23.  I believe fellas should wear more cardigans, it's just a good look. Ask Mr. Rogers (a moment of silence please to show your respect)

24.  I believe winter wardrobes are way more enjoyable than summer ones

25.  I believe it's okay to have a loud decibel

26.  I believe in saying no

27.  I believe pumpkin flavored treats should be available all year round

28.  I believe most things in life happen for a reason

29.  I believe in singing loudly in the car

30.  I believe watching reality TV is not a reflection of your intelligence


Thank you for playing! I am loving this list.  

I am also loving the pink mustache. Way to bring it to Stonehenge. 


Stephanie G. said...

Yaayy! I'm in such good company, loving all the lists this year :)

Sandy B. said...

what a FABULOUS list stephanie.
my favs are.... as taylor predicted the dog namned linda, not just because of linda but because animals with people names just crack me up. loving that you paused to laugh at your own self.
yip yip hurray for being in it to win it, believing in marriage, not smiling and cardigans on boys. note to all that know spencer, he got a gray cardigan this year under the tree and the card was signed from mr. rogers. who knows. happy new year stephanie.

Stephanie G. said...

Thanks Sandy!

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